Anhui JuKai is the main supplier of Nicosulfuron in China and specialized in Technicals and Formulations such as SC/OD, WP, WDG and Mixtures for more than 14 years, The real output Technicals is more than 1000mt. The Industrialization of processing Nicosulfuron SC/OD/OF, with more than 20,000KL per year, has qualified NATIONAL TORCH PROGRAM.

Domestic market:

Anhui JuKai covers more than 24 provinces and thousands towns. For products of Nicosulfuron and Nicosulfuron Mixtures, there are more than 20 independent brands well-known by China farmers, such as ‘Tianxianpei’, ‘Jiu qi’ and so on. JiuYi Agriculture wins super-high reputation.

International Market:

Anhui JuKai export Nicosulfuron TC and Formulations from 2006. The main markets include Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, and other countries such as Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Russia. In 2013, the whole export quantity of Nicosulfuron SC/OD/OF and mixtures is more than 3000KL. For WDG and TC, the export quantities are more than 80mt and 100mt respectively.


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