Commitment---Sincere Service, Continuous Improvement

Anhui JuKai Agrochemical Co., Ltd. is the sub-branch of Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Co., Ltd., which is a Hi-Tech public company integrating R&D, production, international and domestic marketing in field of green agrochemicals, especially for maize herbicides and wheat herbicides. With High-Technology and Famous Specialists, this genuine China company offers top quality agrochemicals and services to the customers and farmers worldwide with strong social responsibility.

Full Respect for Environment

Anhui JuKai combines economic success with environmental protection. In all industrial units, Anhui JuKai goes beyond legal requirements, investing constantly in equipment and technology, to guarantee adequate treatment of industrial effluents.


Anhui JuKai, founded in 2001, is specialized in Technicals, Formulations and Mixtures. The manufacturing bases have the largest production lines, processing and packing capabilities. The products include Nicosulfuron, Tribenuron-methyl, Quizalofop-P-Ethyl, Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl, Atrazine, Nicosulfuron*Atrazine and so on.

The Hefei manufacturing base is located in Feidong county, Hefei city, Anhui Province, with an area of more than 17 acres. With the mature technology and steady supply, Anhui JuKai keeps offering qualified products with reasonable price to customers in many countries, such as ones in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, and other countries like Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Russia. In China domestic market, Anhui JuKai covers more than 24 provinces and thousands towns. With more than 80 independent brands, such as ‘Tianxianpei’, ‘Jiu qi’, Anhui JuKai wins super-high reputation.

In 2012, along with the demand growth from the foreign countries and the successful marketing in China domestic market, Anhui JuKai has reaffirmed its commitment, and keeps investment in improving products quality and developing new items. The Dingyuan manufacturing base, both synthesizing Technicals and processing Formulations, is located in an area of 50 acres , Dingyuan County, Anhui province.

Anhui JuKai has professional team for registration, and continues to invest in ICAMAs and makes effort on GLP data. The company has good relations with domestic and international authoritative institutions, and already helps many customers with registration services in many countries.

Together with the united strength from more than 1,000 dedicated employees working as a solid fist, Anhui JuKai could be a reliable longtime partner of agrochemicals, with serving top qualified products, excellent service, and registration data support.

We DO NOT strive to be the largest supplier, BUT to be the Best Business Partner. Trust us, you can win!

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