Anhui JuKai is focused on agrochemicals, leading by Nicosulfuron, Tribenuron-methyl, and other products. With the CONSIDERABLE SERVICE and SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION, Anhui JuKai wins trust from worldwide customers. And the production capability and sale volume of Nicosulfuron and Tribenuron-methyl rank top 1 in China.

R&D office plays an extremely important role in the sustainable innovation. The office focuses on basic research and applied technology research. The basic research includes keeping improving the stability/finness/effectiveness/persistency of existing products, development of products dosage forms, developing new mixtures, technologies, as well as the development of new products, fine chemical products, and treatment of industrial effluents etc. The office has many advanced analytical instruments, including high performance liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph and so on, which provide sound hardwares environment for R&D.

The research institute has assumed several national and provincial key scientific and technological projects. It has won above provincial level achievement awards, such as NEW AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE; PROVINCIAL KEY PRODUCT---NICOSULFURON; CHINA TOP BRAND PRODUCT---NICOSULFURON 40F/L SC/OD; CHINA TOP-10 PESTICIDES---NICOSULFURON*ATRAZINE 24% SC

With strong support of R&D office, Anhui JuKai is going to provide several other new products soon, such as Carfentrazone-ethyl in Anhui JiuYi (Dingyuan) Cyclic Economy Industrial park.

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