Anhui JuKai is the main supplier of Tribenuron-methyl in China. Anhui JuKai has its own bases to produceTechnicals and process Formulations such as WP and WDG, with the output more than 600mt Technicals, 120mt WDG, and 1000mt WP.

Tribenuron-methyl 95%/10% WP, 20%WP, 75%WDG
Tribenuron-methyl*Thifensulfuron-metyl 75%WDG
Tribenuron-methyl*Metsulfuron-methyl 50%WDG,65.2%WDG
Tribenuron-methyl*Fluroxypyr 38%WP
Tribenuron-methyl*Isoproturon 50%WP,70%WP
Tribenuron-methyl*Carfentrazone-ethyl 24%WP,36%WDG

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