Our company EDDHA Fe fertilizer is a new type of soil the iron supplementation trace fertilizer. Its advantage EDDHA Fe amino acid chelated organic iron, high activity chelated iron. Because the amino acid itself, that is, the nutrients, the plants through the absorption of the amino acids of small molecules from the sub absorption of iron. EDDHA FE using a wide range of PH value, soil PH value within the range of 4-11 plants can be a good absorption of the higher (PH value EDDHA FE phase is the more obvious advantages of EDTA FE and ferrous sulfate). Therefore the advantages of our products: high bioavailability, high stability, fast and complete dissolution and absorption rate, see the efficiency of fast, non-antagonistic effects, non-toxic plants, people and livestock; world governance plants lack iron disease, yellow leaf disease most effective professional products, and are widely used in the high-end crop of cash crops, flowers, golf and golf course lawn.

EDDHA-FE-6 Iron chelated: 6%

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