Our company EDDHA Fe fertilizer is a new type of soil the iron supplementation trace fertilizer. Its advantage EDDHA Fe amino acid chelated organic iron, high activity chelated iron. Because the amino acid itself, that is, the nutrients, the plants through the absorption of the amino acids of small molecules from the sub absorption of iron. EDDHA FE using a wide range of PH value, soil PH value within the range of 4-11 plants can be a good absorption of the higher (PH value EDDHA FE phase is the more obvious advantages of EDTA FE and ferrous sulfate). Therefore the advantages of our products: high bioavailability, high stability, fast and complete dissolution and absorption rate, see the efficiency of fast, non-antagonistic effects, non-toxic plants, people and livestock; world governance plants lack iron disease, yellow leaf disease most effective professional products, and are widely used in the high-end crop of cash crops, flowers, golf and golf course lawn.

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Commodity: Ferric ethylenediamine bis-(2-hydroxyphenyl acetate) (EDDHA FE)






Red-brown powder or granules

Iron chelated

6% min


2.0/3.0/ 3.6 /4.2/4.8

PH(1% water solution )


Effective PH range


Heavy metal



60g/L (20℃)



Soil PH value of 4 - 11 within the plant can absorb good. When the crops in the dry and basic fertilizer case, the product works best. Cope with the lack of fertilizer application due to a lack of fertilizer will give rise to a lack of other trace fertilizer for confirmation. Compatible with of other chelated trace fertilizer and soluble phosphate fertilizer. EDDHA chelated iron can be long-term storage at room temperature conditions, but it is easy to use for users, it is recommended to store it in a dry place, time is not used should be sealed tight packaging mouth.


1. Foliar spray:

EDDHA FE fertilizer for foliar spray is very effective, the usage of this product compound 1:3000-5000 (use China) or 1:1000-3000 (European standards) water solution evenly sprayed with a foliar / dorsal, 150-250 grams per hectare, one week spraying, generally continuous spraying 2-3 times to achieve the desired effect. (The number of spraying depends on the degree of iron deficiency) spraying method is not recommended in the case of strong sunshine and low rainfall.

 2. Gensch:

This product compound usage 1:3000-5000 (use China) or 1:1000-3000 (European standards) water solution around the fruit tree canopy or 6-8 15-20 cm deep trench trench dug along the plants on both sides of or juke dug 15-20 cm deep trench, the solution evenly into the groove and immediately filled, the amount of water added to the solution in the trench distributed evenly and penetrate to the roots prevail. Such as soil compaction, ripper need IRRIGATING before. Citrus, grapefruit, lemon, apple, pear, peach, kiwi and other fruit trees 20-50 g / tree; saplings 3-10 g / tree; loquat 20-30 g / tree; grapes 10-20 g / tree; strawberry 45- 75 kg / hectare; peanut 15-30 kg / hectare; nursery 45-75 kg / hectare; vegetables 4.5 - 9 kg / hectare; lawn 7.5-15 kg / hectare; Flower 30 -75 kg / hectare. Note: close planting crops such as strawberries, peanuts, nurseries, flowers can be dug on both sides of the plant row spacing of 15-20 cm deep trench of the product in accordance with the above amount of dilution poured into the tank landfill can be. For close planting type plants also in accordance with the above dosage water flush fertilizer. The above dosage may increase or decrease the amount according to the size of the plant and the severity of disease.


3: Baptist irrigation, or enrich drip irrigation:

Northern habit of using irrigation areas, irrigation in accordance with the usage of this product to the applicator at the farm, combined with water eddha-iron water flush fertilizer, the amount for each 5 kg / hectare; water flush drip irrigation generally1-1.5kg per hectare (regularly adding drip irrigation water flush facilities, frequency of applications based on iron deficiency extent of the amount of increase or decrease); better solution can be formulated for fruit trees or shrubs , with a pressure syringe injected into plant roots.


Third: Best fertilization period:

Sprouted after the first flowering crops such as peach, flowering in the previous week, each time in two weeks after flowering; the first germinated flowering crops such as citrus, spit new leaves, flowers just wither each time. As to miss the best fertilizer application period, the following amount of time. This product can be mixed with the acidic pesticides in spraying should be in the morning or after 16:00 PM to avoid the intense heat.


Forth: Recommended crops and the amount of reference



Recommended types of crops

Recommended dosage


Small plants :30-50 g / tree

Large plants of 60-100 g / tree

Apples, pears, peaches, walnuts, lemon, loquat

Small plants: 20-40 g / tree

Large plants: 60-100 g / tree

Grapes, kiwi

10-30 g / treet


20-40 kg / hectare


4.5-9 kg / hectare


30-50 kg / hectare

Golf, golf course turf

7.5-15 kg / hectare

Field crops

4.5-9 kg / hectare


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