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Formulation: 95%TC, 6.9%EW, 7.5%EW, 12%EW
Chemical Name: 
Ethyl (R)-2-[4-[(6-chloro-2-benzoxazolyl)oxy]phenoxy]propanoate
Formula: C15H17N5O6S
CAS NO.: 71283-80-2
Description:Appearance: White, odourless solid.
Melting Point: 89-91°C.
Vapour Pressure:5.3x10-4 mPa (20C).
Stability: Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl is stable for 90 d at 50C. Not sensitive to light. Decomposed by acids and alkalis, DT50 >1000 d (pH 5), 100 d (pH 7), 2.4 d (pH 9) (20C).
Uses: Post-emergence control of annual and perennial grass weeds in potatoes, beans, soya beans, beets, vegetables, peanuts, flax, oilseed rape, and cotton; and (when applied with the herbicide safener mefenpyr-diethyl) annual and perennial grass weeds and wild oats in wheat, rye, triticale and, depending on ratio, in some varieties of barley.

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