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Formulation: 98%TC, 90% SP, 20% SP
CAS Number:  16752-77-5
Molecular Weight: 162.21
Water Solubility: 58 g/l
Solubility in Other Solvents: in methanol100, acetone73, ethanol42, and isopropanol22, carbinol3.0
Melting Point: 78-79°c
Vapor Pressure: 6.7×10-2Pa(25°c)
Relative density: (d254)1.2946
Molecular formula: C5H10N2O2S

This article is a systemic insecticide with contact pesticiding and stomach poisoning, and can effectively kill a various of insect eggs, larvae and adult. After the ingredients of Methomyl into the worm, the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase, so that the acetylcholinesterase that plays an important role in the insect nerveconduction cannot decompose, caused by nervous impulses can not control the transmission to make insects appear surprised hocks, excessive excited, paralysis and tremors and cannot in crops on plants, would eventually lead to death. Insects eggs after contacting the medicament usually doesn't survive blackhead stage even with hatch, would soon widely used in cotton and rice, vegetables and fruit trees and many crops for control planthopper, aphids, thrips, flea beetle and many pests. 20-40 grams per

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